The Ultimate Interactive Pub Quiz Revision Book

(a.k.a. The #FridayTwiz Book of Questions and Answers)

First, an explanation

I have always had a thirst for knowledge; not the knowledge that can be measured by letters after your name but the type of knowledge that can win you a round of drinks in a pub quiz.

One Friday, in February 2010, I was chatting to a few people on Twitter and we challenged each other with some random general knowledge questions. Many people joined in and it became a regular activity on Friday evenings. By June of the same year the Friday Twiz had been created and the community had grown.

Over four years I have amassed a bank of questions so here are over 1,600 of them… with a twist.

Second, how the book works

This book is in three sections.

The first section is interactive; you use the links at the end of each page to navigate back and forth from the questions to the answers. You cannot cheat because the order of the questions and answers have been mixed up.

The second section houses a few picture quizzes, just for fun. I have included one based on the popular app “Three Pics, One Word”. There is also an 80s picture quiz and a television picture quiz.

The third section is all of the questions and answers from the first section, but in the correct order. This section is designed to be used as a revision process or to use at a party or your own quiz event.

There is always an option to navigate back to the table of contents so this book should never get boring. At least not until you have memorised all the answers.

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